Investing In Better Home Security

Do you know what kind of security system would work best for your family? Read more to help you know what kind of system you should buy.

Investing In Better Home Security

Beyond The Bulk: What A Personal Bodyguard Really Does

24 February 2015
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If you believe the television and movie image of what a body guard is, you'll likely picture a bulky, bald man with muscles on top of muscles in a tight t-shirt. But there's actually a lot more to being someone's "personal protection." A personal body guard isn't simply muscle waiting to fight off an overzealous fan. In fact, most body guards will never encounter a major physical threat to their client.
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Investing In Better Home Security

After hearing that a few people in our neighborhood had been robbed, I decided that it might be a good idea to check into finding a better home security system. We wanted to protect our family, which is why I wanted a system with window alarms, door sensors, and a rock-solid computer system. After talking with several different security companies, I finally found a system that I felt comfortable with. This blog is all about helping you to decide which security system might work best for your family. You never know, the right system could protect the people that you love.