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Wondering About Your Outdated Fire Alarm Systems? Get The Fire Experts In Your House Fast

8 January 2016
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Fire alarms in the home are some of the most important things when it comes to keeping everyone safe, and they need to be property maintained. Thousands of lives are taken in house fires annually, and you can prevent this from being your family or your home. A professional fire service can come to your home to see if the smoke and fire detectors are working, and if they are models you can trust.
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Operate A Pawn Shop? Here’s Why You Should Hire A Security Guard

10 June 2015
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If you are in the pawn shop industry, you probably know that there are certain safety and security issues that you should worry about. One smart decision is to hire a security guard to keep an eye on your shop, no matter how large or small your business might be. These are a few reasons why you should consider hiring one of these professionals. Protect Yourself from Theft One of the main reasons why you might want to consider hiring a security guard is so that you can protect yourself and your business from theft.
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Beyond The Bulk: What A Personal Bodyguard Really Does

24 February 2015
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If you believe the television and movie image of what a body guard is, you'll likely picture a bulky, bald man with muscles on top of muscles in a tight t-shirt. But there's actually a lot more to being someone's "personal protection." A personal body guard isn't simply muscle waiting to fight off an overzealous fan. In fact, most body guards will never encounter a major physical threat to their client.
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