Protecting Your Property With Fire Watch Security Services

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Protecting Your Property With Fire Watch Security Services

Protecting Your Property With Fire Watch Security Services

24 February 2022
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Fires can be among the biggest threats to your company's property. Fire watch security providers can be an important tool for helping you to protect your property against this hazard.

Assumption: Fire Watch Security Is Only Need For Those In Areas At Risk Of Wildfires

Wildfires can be one of the most damaging forces of nature that may strike your community or property. However, individuals should avoid assuming that fire watch security is only useful for those that are needing to mitigate the threat from wildfires. It is also common for these services to be hired to monitor construction, industrial, and commercial sites that may be at a particularly high risk of experiencing a fire. By having this security personnel available, the risk of a catastrophic fire occurring can be drastically reduced. Not surprisingly, there are many communities that may have regulations requiring this type of security service for specific types of businesses.  

Assumption: Fire Watch Security Services Will Be Able To Extinguish Any Fire That Starts

Individuals will often have a poor understanding of what they should expect to happen once a fire starts on their property. While a fire watch security service may be able to use portable fire extinguishers or to activate fire suppression systems in the event of a small fire, these professionals will simply not have the tools or capacity to extinguish large fires. Rather, the goal of these services will be to monitor the property so that action can be taken before a small fire will have a chance to grow. In the event that the fire grows too quickly to be extinguished with the available tools, these security professionals will immediately contact the local fire department so that a crew can be dispatched as quickly as possible.

Assumption: Fire Watch Security Services Require Long-Term Commitments From Clients

Believing that a long-term contract will need to be signed to hire these security services can make this option far less attractive to individuals. However, this assumption is not based on reality as fire watch security providers offer both short and long-term options for their clients. In particular, short-term fire watch security can be instrumental when your business is needing to have major work done to its current fire safety systems as they may need to be taken offline for the duration of this work. In these situations, fire watch personnel can be an excellent option for keeping the property safe from fire, despite the fire alarms and suppression systems being temporarily unavailable.

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