2 Misconceptions About Buying a Hunting Rifle Scope With a High-Numbered Magnification

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2 Misconceptions About Buying a Hunting Rifle Scope With a High-Numbered Magnification

2 Misconceptions About Buying a Hunting Rifle Scope With a High-Numbered Magnification

8 October 2021
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If you are preparing for rifle hunting season, you may be in the process of getting your gun ready. As part of these preparations, you may have decided that it is time to buy a new scope for the rifle.

While looking at your options, you may have come across claims that the higher the magnification of the scope, the better you will be able to see and shoot your targets. However, there are a couple of misconceptions about buying a scope for your hunting rifle that has large magnification numbers. 

1. You Can Have More Light Coming Through the Eyepiece with a Higher Magnification

One misconception that is often presented when talking about high-numbered magnifications for rifle scopes is that they allow more light to come through the eyepiece. The premise of this claim is that you will be able to focus on your target better because of the higher numbers.

However, high magnification does not necessarily allow more light through. In fact, the higher the magnification, the less the light is allowed to pass through the scope. It is the size of the lenses themselves that let the light in and not the magnification level. If you are concerned about more light, you should look for a scope with a larger lens furthest away from your eye and with a high light-gathering rating.

2. You Can Hit Targets That Are Further Away Because of the Scope

Another misconception about scope magnification of which you should be aware is that having higher numbers will allow you to hit targets that are further away from where you are shooting. However, just because you can see a target that is far away from you does not mean that you will hit it.

While you will be able to see further, your range will still be limited by the range of your rifle. Ideally, you should choose a scope that allows viewing slightly more than the range of your rifle.

When selecting a new scope for your hunting rifle, do not give in to the hype that higher magnification allows you to see better and shoot further. When making your selection, you want one that allows you enough light to focus and lets you see within the range of your gun. For further assistance with choosing the right magnification for your particular rifle, contact local gun accessory stores like Patriots Vault LLC.

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