Improving The Safety Of Your Home With Monitored Fire Alarms

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Improving The Safety Of Your Home With Monitored Fire Alarms

Improving The Safety Of Your Home With Monitored Fire Alarms

26 July 2021
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Fire safety should be a part of your home's security and safety, and finding ways to improve it can be relatively simple. One way to increase the safety of your home is through the use of monitored fire alarm services that can alert you and responders to a problem in your house quickly.

Fire Alarm Systems

By law, your home must be equipped with smoke detectors in several places specified by the code in your area. But if you are not home and those alarms go off, it may be a long time before someone hears them and calls for help.

Many homes already have monitored security systems in them, so adding fire alarm services to the system is often an upgrade that you can add easily. The alarm system will need to have dedicated sensors installed to detect smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide inside the home. Most alarm companies can send a tech to your home to make the physical changes for you and then add the fire alarm services to your monitoring package right away. 

If there is a fire in the home while you are away, the alarm company can dispatch the fire department immediately, saving valuable time that could save your home. If you are home and are overcome by smoke or carbon monoxide, the quick actions of the alarm service could save your life.

Fire Alarm Installation

When the tech from the alarm company arrives at your home, they will look at the house's layout and make suggestions for the positioning of the detectors in the home. You may need to have several in critical places around the home's interior for them to be effective and offer the protection you need in your home. 

Installing a detector in the kitchen, outside bedrooms, and the common area of the home will offer the best coverage for most situations. You do not want the detectors too close to bathrooms because steam can affect them, and they should not be near the garage entrance to the home as carbon monoxide can sometimes drift in after you leave the garage and send a false alarm to the fire alarm services. 

Once the detectors are in place, the tech will call the fire alarm services provider and have them activate the system for you. There may be times when you need to shut off a detector, like if you are cooking in the kitchen and there is some smoke from frying or some other situation. The tech can show you how to do that, but be sure to turn the detector back on after so you get the protection you need from the system. 

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