2 Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Hire Armed Security Guards For Your Event

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2 Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Hire Armed Security Guards For Your Event

2 Questions To Ask Before You Decide To Hire Armed Security Guards For Your Event

30 November 2020
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If you are planning a large event, you may be in the process of working out all of the details involved. While doing so, you may have had the thought that you will probably need some type of security on the site during the event. You may even be wondering whether or not the guards will need to be armed in case of an altercation. If so, when you contact a security service, begin the process by asking the questions below.

1.  Does the Business Offer a Threat Assessment Before the Event?

One question that you can ask when trying to decide whether or not to hire armed security for your event is whether or not the business offers a threat assessment before the event. Do they include the assessment with their services to help with establishing your security needs?

As part of the threat assessment, the company may ask about the general atmosphere of the event, such as if it is a general party or a political gathering. They may also set up a time to come meet with you at the intended location to see the area. Once the assessment is completed, they can help you decide whether or not armed guards would be warranted.

2.  What Type of Training Do the Guards Receive?

If the company or you have decided that armed guards are appropriate and needed for the event, the next thing you should discuss is the type of training they receive. Do they attend an extensive training course before being permitted to carry firearms? Also, are they required to attend ongoing safety and risk assessment courses throughout their employment?

Ideally, the guards for the company should go through extensive courses to ensure they understand and are skilled in the use of firearms. They should also have training that teaches them to deescalate situations so that they do not get to the point that firearms are required to resolve the issue.

Asking the above questions can help you not only determine whether you will need guards who are armed at your event but can also help you begin the process of gathering information about the process of doing so. Contact a service that offers armed security guards for events to ask them further questions and to discuss your needs so that they can offer you available solutions for helping to keep your event safe and secure for the staff and attendees.

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