Protecting Inventory In Your Jewelry Store

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Protecting Inventory In Your Jewelry Store

Protecting Inventory In Your Jewelry Store

28 June 2017
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If you just opened a jewelry store and you deal with the selling of expensive and unique pieces, protecting them from theft is bound to be a concern. There are several steps you can take within your jewelry store to increase security so theft is less likely to occur. Here are a few enhancements to consider adding to your own store to help keep your inventory from being taken illegally.

Add Both Visible And Hidden Cameras 

Using surveillance cameras within your establishment will help in both thwarting theft and catching perpetrators who try to steal. Make sure to post a sign on your business' front door indicating you use surveillance inside your building. This will tip off thieves that it is risky to try to steal. Inside, place a few cameras in sight as well as a few tucked in spots that cannot be easily seen. Too many visible cameras can make customers feel nervous, potentially hurting sales as a result. Retain any footage you obtain via these surveillance cameras in case your business does fall victim to a theft. The police will take a look at the information provided to help track down those involved.

Hire An On-Site Security Guard 

Hiring a security guard to patrol the premises will help keep your inventory from getting taken. This person will have on a uniform, making those in your store aware of their presence. A security guard will put customers at ease as they will realize they are not at as much of risk of being caught in the middle of a heist where they could be injured during the procedure. A security guard could be armed to protect others in your establishment if desired. If you would rather, an undercover security guard can patrol the interior of your establishment. They will pose as a customer, keeping an eye on the actions of others in the store to make sure no one tries taking something you are trying to sell. Companies like Security Services Northwest, Inc can help you with this.

Make Appointments With Clients

Instead of keeping your most expensive inventory on-site, keep it in an undisclosed location instead. Allow potential customers to make appointments to see specific pieces during less busy times of the day. The pieces can be transported and kept in a safe until the appointment arrives. If you decide to keep these pieces on the premises, make sure they are located in a locked safe in a spot away from public access. If you have a security guard available in your establishment, give them the task of checking on the safe as part of their patrol tasks. If you do not have a guard, point a surveillance camera toward the safe for added security.

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