3 Security Measures You Should Take For Your Business

Do you know what kind of security system would work best for your family? Read more to help you know what kind of system you should buy.

3 Security Measures You Should Take For Your Business

3 Security Measures You Should Take For Your Business

2 February 2017
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In order to keep your workplace as safe and secure as possible, it may be necessary to bring in some professionals who can serve you. Theft, vandalism, and violent crime are all risks that businesses deal with on a day to day basis, so the better you are covered, the better you can protect your property, employees, and customers. To make sure that you get the help that you need, contemplate these tips below. 

#1: Invest In Some Top Notch Surveillance Service

Video surveillance is one of the best things that a security company can provide for you. Take inventory of your business and decide on the timetables in which you would like to use video surveillance and for how long you would like to keep the footage. A video surveillance company can then match you up with the service that you require based on your needs. From there, a contractor will take an assessment of your property and make suggestions on where and how you should have cameras installed. For today's video surveillance technology, you can expect to pay upwards of $1000 for two surveillance cameras, installation costs, and equipment.

#2: Bring In A Professional Security Guard

Calling in a professional security guard can be an excellent method for protecting your building. The cost of hiring these security guards will depend directly on the type of work you want them to do. For instance, in unarmed security guard who simply reports to police might charge upwards of $20 per hour. Hiring a professional security guard who is armed and trained can cost as much as $25 per hour. Many police officers moonlight as security guards off duty — their services can cost more than $60 per hour. Hiring a pro will ensure that your building is well protected as well as the people inside of it. Always conduct background checks into the company and ask for their credentials.

#3: Invest In Some Lighting

Lighting is an excellent security tool both inside and outside of the building. Interior lighting allows for more detail on surveillance video. Leaving some lights on overnight gives the impression that someone is in the building, which can thwart would-be intruders. Exterior lighting is great because it exposes areas that people can hide, increasing the likelihood that someone spots them and calls the police. You can install sophisticated motion lights which specifically detect when someone is encroaching upon your property. It can cost as much as $450 to get motion sensor lights installed.

Follow these tips in order to get the professional help and service that you need to keep your building safe.

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