3 Tips On Hiring Security For A Trade Show

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3 Tips On Hiring Security For A Trade Show

3 Tips On Hiring Security For A Trade Show

26 August 2016
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When you want to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your trade show, you need to make sure that the event is protected with professional security. By hiring the right security company, you will create an environment where vendors and professionals feel safe and comfortable to conduct business as they should. With this in mind, follow these three tips below in order to make the absolute most out of your trade show security by hiring a credible company. 

Tip #1: Know What To Look For When Interviewing Prospective Security Guards

It will be advantageous to you to interview your security guards to make sure that they are strong at some very important points. Communication is one of the most critical points that you will need to stress when hiring a security guard. They should have a strong command of English and must be able to give clear directions and explanations. You should also gauge their ability to observe their environment and also deescalate situations as they come along.  

Tip #2: Figure Out How You Would Like Your Security To Respond

Take inventory of your trade show to figure out how you would like your security detail to respond. For instance, some security companies will intervene when a situation arises, using force if necessary. In other situations, you may want your security to strictly observe, but take notes that can be passed along to law enforcement or other officials if needed. This is a matter of preference for you, but you should figure out how you want to handle security matters that arise during the course of your trade show. 

Tip #3: Investigate The Security Guards That Will Be Onsite 

If you are hiring a security company to look after your trade show, give yourself the opportunity to look into each and every guard that will be staffed that day. First and foremost, make sure that you apply a medical screening. This medical screening should include a drug test using hair, blood or urine and a physical to make sure their health is up to par. You should also hold meetings prior to the event, along with an orientation process so that all parties are familiar with each other and what to expect from the event. 

Keep these three tips in mind so that you can hire the right security company for any trade show event. 

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