Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

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Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

Make Sure Your Home Is Secure

21 January 2016
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Changes around your house can prevent you from finding yourself at the receiving end of a break in. You want to make it hard for someone from the outside to see your belongings, make it hard for them to access those things and make it so they understand there is an increased risk of confrontation or arrest if they decide to come in your home.

Protecting your doors

Securing your doors is one of the main areas you should put your focus when working on home security. Each door leading to the outside should be made of solid wood. They should each have deadbolts installed that are kept locked anytime you aren't paying attention to the doors.

If you like to keep your doors open a lot to let the fresh air in, then you should have a security screen installed that has thick screening and deadbolts.

Sliding glass doors can be a big weakness if they don't have good locking mechanisms on them. Also, it's always a good idea to use secondary locks, such as ones that screw into the frame at the top or bottom of the slider for extra security.  

Protecting your windows

Each window should be checked to make sure there is no movement when you try to slide or move them with your hands. If they move in the frame, even a little, then you should have new locks put on them and consider secondary locks like the ones suggested for sliding glass doors.

Putting window guards on the outsides of the windows will help prevent someone from getting in either by way of getting past the locks or breaking the windows out.

Protecting the entire house with a security system

Installing a security system in your house will protect all points of interest. Get one that has window and door monitors, motion sensors and cameras for the main areas of the yard. The security system should also have cameras that cover the entrances and your garage. You should also go with a system that allows you to connect to it via your laptop or smart device so you can keep tables on your home while you are away.

Protect your yard with a fence

Installing a fence around your yard will give your home one more barrier a trespasser would need to get through before trying to gain entry into your home. To be considered secure, the fence needs to be tall and the gate to it needs to be kept locked with a secure lock.

Verify your locks and safe are as secure as you think

Once you feel all your windows and doors have secure locks on them, it's a good idea to have a professional locksmith verify this by coming out and taking a look at them. They will be able to fill you in on weak areas and take care of them by putting in better locking systems.

Make sure the items you have in your safe are as secure as you think they are. A safe maintenance company can come out and take care of your safe, lubricating the mechanisms and giving it a check-up. If there is anything wrong with the mechanisms, such as they are not lining up how they should then they can take care of this for you.

Once you follow this advice, you will be in a much better position with regards to the security of your home.

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