Security Steps For New Business Owners

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Security Steps For New Business Owners

Security Steps For New Business Owners

17 January 2016
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If you have just opened your own business, and you have a large building with several employees, you will want to do whatever necessary to ensure your building remains free from a break in. Preparing by taking safety precautions can deter robberies from occurring, saving your precious property from destruction and your wares being taken. Here are some of the most important steps to take when first opening a new business so your building and belongings remain safe.

Install Better Locks

Changing the locks is usually part of the ritual a new business owner will do after they purchase or sign a lease on a building. Calling a locksmith to install entirely new locking mechanisms is best. Have them place new deadbolts with longer pins at the striking plate. This will ensure the door does not get kicked in easily.

Consider having your locksmith install restricted key way locks. The keys will only be allowed to be reproduced by specific manufacturer. These are great for business with several employees, as when one quits or becomes fired, the building is not at risk as they would not have been able to easily make a copy of the key. Using key coded locks can be helpful in large employee companies as well.

Have An Alarm System In Place

An alarm system is a necessity for a larger business. Having a professional system installed will keep the building safeguarded during off-hours and you will have the peace of mind of knowing the authorities will be alerted of a potential security breach immediately.

If your business holds small products that can be easily stuffed into a pocket by a thief, opt for a loud siren-type alarm system to help scare someone off if they gain entry to the building. If the content in your business is not easy to take, you may want to consider a silent alarm instead. This will give the authorities an alert of the break-in without tipping off the intruder, possibly helping to catch them in the act of their crime as a result.

Use Deterrent Methods

There are several ways to deter thieves from trying to get in your business simply by doing maintenance steps. Make sure all brush is cut regularly so thieves cannot hide out nearby waiting for the last employees to lock up for the day. Keep the building well-lit from all angles. Use motion detection lighting in more obscure areas such as along the back and sides of the building.

In the front, have spot lights illuminating the entryway so it is less likely a thief will put themselves out in the open to try to get inside. It is important to keep lights on so thieves think someone is in the building. Change the lighting patterns inside each night to keep others guessing whether someone is inside or not. Consider hiring a security guard to roam the grounds as well. Click here for more information on security alarm response.

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